ESCO ITALIA is the leading Italian Energy Service Company on the national scene, founded in 2002 for the purpose of intervening and regulating energy consumption through energy efficiency.
ESCO ITALIA is also the first Esco company at a national level to have voluntarily obtained the UNI CEI 11352/2010 certification relating to the requirements that companies supplying energy services must possess.
ESCO ITALIA develops and implements energy efficiency projects in the real estate, industrial, and services sectors, both public and private, with procedures aimed at monitoring, managing and optimizing the energy consumption of all users in a simple, intuitive and versatile manner.
Thanks to its consolidated scientific background and the engineering approach it implements, ESCO ITALIA identifies customized and innovative design solutions that are efficacious in both technical and organizational terms.
ESCO ITALIA takes care not only of creating energy efficiency projects, but also focuses on the economic sustainability of its projects: thanks to the Third-Party Financing (TPF) mechanism, subject to availability in the banking sector, it makes it possible for its clients to carry out large-scale interventions without necessarily having to sustain heavy initial investments.

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